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How to sign up?

- Go to - Under "Join Friendster Today", fill up the form with your first and last name, email, password and birthday - Read the Terms of Service - Click "Join now"

Do I need to sign-up again if I already have an existing Friendster account?

If you have an existing and valid account in Friendster then you do not need to sign-up again in the new site.� We actually encourage you to log-in to the same account (i.e. use the same username and password from your existing Friendster). Not only will it be for your convenience, this is also necessary for you to save your wallet and game accounts.

Why should I join the new Friendster?

Whether you are first-timer or an existing user, there's plenty to look forward to in the new Friendster! - Create unique online identities that are different from your real-life ones! - Play immersive games anywhere and discover playmates! - Socialize by having different Avatars for different online occasions! - Complement your activities and interactions in other social media networks! - Enjoy promotions/rewards while you're having fun!

I'm not getting my sign-up verification email

Not getting your verification email after sign-up? These tips might help! 1. Check your email's Spam settings - If you're running a spam filter, try looking in the spam/junk folder first. If you find it there, please mark it as "not spam". 2. Make sure that the email address you are trying to register is valid - A valid email address is simply one that you can send emails to. Do not use fake/bogus emails. 3. Check your email domain - A common mistake is when a user registers with the wrong email domain ( is different from 4. Make sure you are logged in to the email that you trying to register with - It is not unusual for a person to have multiple emails, so make sure that you are logged in to the right email. 5. Check your spelling - Typos are common user mistakes. Make sure you spell your email correctly.

What's the minimum age requirement to join Friendster?

You should be at least thirteen years old to join Friendster.

I get an error using the link in the sign-up confirmation email

If you get an error when you use the confirmation link, try to copy the URL and then paste it on the address bar of your browser. Make sure the link is complete, with no spaces. If you still can't make the link work, please forward the email with the link to

I received an email that I created a new account, even though I didn't sign up

If you receive a Friendster account confirmation email and you are sure that you did not register with us, it's likely that someone has attempted to register using your email address. Do not worry though. As long as you do not click the link contained in the email, this account will remain unconfirmed. An unconfirmed account is inaccessible. If you feel that someone has created an account to purposely impersonate or imitate you, please email us at so that we can review your case and take the appropriate action.

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