Lately, I have noticed that I'm having a hard time CONNECTING to the BOOMZ server. And based on the posts of other players, I am not alone. Others have been experiencing this problem as well. Right now, I can access other sites with ease, I can play other games with no problems at all - but when I log in to BOOMZ - the prompt "THIS WEB PAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE" and "ERROR CONNECTION TIMED OUT" always appear.

I am using a PC with a 3GHz processor, 4GIG DRAM and a 2GIG ram video card. My speed test results are more than the average. I have conducted a full system scan with my system - it's virus free. Thus, my theory now is that is it possible that so many people are accessing your site that not all of us will be accomodated? PLEASE GIVE THIS MATTER YOUR PREFERENTIAL ATTENTION. I have been inconvenienced by this problem already. I am expecting a response or an update from you guys. Thank you.