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    Most Asked Questions about Friendster

    1. Where did the photos, blogs, comments, testimonials in my old Friendster profile go?
    As part of the reformat of the site a few months back, we had to remove some of the content of your profile including the photos, albums, blogs and most parts of the profile like the "more about " info, comments and the testimonials. All these data had been deleted and can no longer be retrieved.

    If you have an account in the old Friendster, you don't have to register again to get in to the new one. You can still use your log-in credentials (from your old profile) to log-in to the new Friendster and edit your new profile to your liking.

    2. Can I still retrieve my photos, messages, comments, blog and other info from the old Friendster?
    No. The profile info, photos, messages, comments and blogs from the old Friendster had been deleted. We're sorry but there really is no way to retrieve your old data from the old Friendster.

    3. How to reload my Friendster Wallet

    To reload your Friendster Wallet, go to account settings at and click "Reload".

    - Select payment country
    - Select payment channel, then proceed
    - You'll be informed that you will be taken to another page. Click "Proceed".
    - Enter your payment details (varies per payment channel)
    - Confirm your payment details

    4. I can't remember my password
    If you can't remember your password...

    Go to
    Enter your email address

    Click "Reset Password"

    5. I'm not getting my sign-up verification email

    Not getting your verification email after sign-up? These tips might help!

    1. Check your email's Spam settings - If you're running a spam filter, try looking in the spam/junk folder first. If you find it there, please mark it as "not spam".
    2. Make sure that the email address you are trying to register is valid - A valid email address is simply one that you can send emails to. Do not use fake/bogus emails.
    3. Check your email domain - A common mistake is when a user registers with the wrong email domain ( is different from
    4. Make sure you are logged in to the email that you trying to register with - It is not unusual for a person to have multiple emails, so make sure that you are logged in to the right email.
    5. Check your spelling - Typos are common user mistakes. Make sure you spell your email correctly.

    If you still need help after following the above tips, please submit a request to our Customer Service Team via

    6. I can't reset my password because I no longer have access to my login email address
    If you no longer have access to the contact email address associated with your Friendster account, please submit a request to our Customer Service Team via help@friendster.comand provide us with your email used to login to Friendster and/or the URL of any of your Avatars.

    We'll get back to you if we need more info or have further instructions.

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